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To register Bud is enough to pass examination of the Institute of nutrition of RAMS — minimum screening, without any deep research. "Additives are only carried out Toxicological and hygienic studies, unlike drugs, and efficiency to prove it is not required," — said Kirill ivanychev, head of the health center "Public Duma".

At least you all categorical!.. I got all confused, I sat on the bade of which,as it turned out, was part of tadalafil, and everything was just wonderful! Now this BAD declared forbidden Grief , well, garbage, I bought cialis different tablets and 5мгр and 10 and 20мгр I. bummer not that I do not act, works, but as soon viagra sudden rush to obeem heads (upper and lower) which lasts about an hour and a half, and then it was the end.Pain back, head(top) is not observed.

Tried and levitra (weak what the effect was) and drugs with sildenafilom (effect observed, but the time is not extended and the face is like a traffic light) but then nothing can match the action with the Bud Chagrin Probably assume stupid, but I think that the body is a few years bade, as it were perenasytil, eh, tadalafilom and now immunity to it, and what to do not know.

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So, it is likely that some Internet-pharmacies and haggling bullshit, I was lucky :-) a couple of years ago accidentally ended up in a goal, got on on a good pharmacy, gave the above link a few times doing there orders. Took viagra and Viagra and Viagra - I love to experiment.
So, never bullshit not sent, i.e. a penny in the wind thrown out, which is very pleasing. :-D
By the way, personal experience about the experiments:

about viagra 150 already wrote above,
generic viagra they sell in 100 mg packing, divide in half, there is more than enough,
the Viagra consume 1 pill the effect is more soft than viagra but more lasting
Viagra is not very much - to dwell.

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You are taking other drugs intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction
It is strictly forbidden to give children.
Special considerations for treatment of elderly and patients with kidney or liver missing. Therefore, it is obligatory to consult a doctor-urologist and not to abuse the doses of the drug.

Why manufacturers of medicines for men prefer to release them under the guise of dietary Supplements? In the first place because the market is poorly controlled by the state. Because dietary Supplements — not medicines, they do not fall under the eye of the Ministry of health. For these drugs as for food meets the Federal service.
Damn, is edited the message, time is up.


As already mentioned, the active ingredient of Viagra is sildenafil. This substance increases blood flow to have sexual member, makes it firm and sexually active. To 1 tablet of Viagra, approximately after hours appears erection, which is enough for at least one sexual intercourse.
Sildenafil is a classic, and rare is the case when a quality product has not had the desired effect.

The effect I felt from the first dose. Great effect. As I remember the first time I took 1/2 pill 100mg. Later, I began to order in this Shop tablets sildenafil 150mg (much more profitable) and divide it at least into 3 parts. The drug works always, and as stated - 3..4 hours. Sometimes, the morning still felt its effect, after the evening reception. In General, we can say only positive words about the drug and the address of the Store well of course

Viagra works only when sexual arousal, after sexual intercourse the penis returns back to its natural state. Unofficially, there are rumors that taking Viagra women enhances orgasm and satisfaction from sexual intercourse, so many women take Viagra for the treatment of frigidity. Viagra does not affect reproductive function.
I tried like that. Bought STE a miracle cure,

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